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Jay was a finalist in the TV series Masterchef and has owned and managed his own restaurants.

Jay now uses his skill to create amazing quality meals you can eat at home and loose weight





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On to Menu

Breakfast - Oats, walnuts, and blueberries

Mid-morning - Omelette

 Lunch - Moroccan tagine

Snack - Pineapple and yoghurt

Evening meal - Thai Fishcakes with mangetout

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Our 6 day meal plan, delivers restaurant quality food

6 days per week

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Every month their's an opportunity to meet the Chef and come to a unique tasting experience 



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We can tailor a plan to your exact nutrition needs to meet

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Absolutely loving it.

I have amazing tasting food delivered to me

3 times a week

I've lost 6 lbs in my first month and

no longer have to go to the shops!

Samantha Smith, Thornton

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